The Start of the Hot Online Line “Russian Doctor is Near!”

On April 6, at 16:00 Moscow time, the Rossotrudnichestvo social networks will host a live broadcast with Alexey Vodovozov, a scientific journalist, a therapist of the highest qualification category, and a toxicologist.

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    On the air, Alexey will share his expert opinion on the current situation in the world and answer your questions.

   The Online Hotline “Russian Doctor is Near!” is a social online project of Rossotrudnichestvo, where anyone can get answers from an expert in the format of live communication to topical questions about the new virus, the principles of quarantine, and the need to comply with the rules of prevention.

   The first live broadcast is on Monday, April 6. You can pre-ask your questions in the comments to the post in our social networks.

   We encourage you to observe all necessary measures of self-isolation and receive information only from reliable sources.