Victory Day will be heard in all languages of the world!

On May 9, the song “Victory Day” will be sung in many languages in different languages of the planet, symbolizing the immortal feat of all those who fought against fascism, and who have long become the unofficial anthem of the Great Victory.

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   For those who want to perform this song on the portal “Dictation of Victory” and the website a special service was launched with a karaoke function in the languages of the peoples of Russia and countries of the world. To participate in the campaign on May 9, go to one of these sites, turn on the player, choose the language that is closer and more native to you, and sing “Victory Day” together with your family and friends!

   In addition to the performance itself, you can record a video of your own performance of the song on the site by sending it via a link and posting it on your social media pages. As a result of the campaign, a competition will be held - the best videos will be shown on the Central channels of Russian television, in social media and on the Dictantpobeda.rf website.

   Join us and sing “Victory Day” with us!

   The project is implemented by the NASHA POBEDA organizing Committee in partnership with the Federal Agency for ethnic Affairs, the Federal Agency for press and mass communications (Rospechat), the Russian historical society, The Russian military historical society, The Russian Union of veterans, and the Victory Volunteers Foundation.