Russian Cosmonauts to go into Space

On November 18, at 17:30 (Moscow time), Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhkov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov will go into space.

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   This will be the 47th planned spacewalk. The exit will be carried out from the docking compartment of the Search module through a hatch that was sealed about 11 years ago.

   For Ryzhkov and Kud-Sverchkov, this will be the first experience of a spacewalk. On board the ISS, the Russians will be supported by astronauts from the American segment.

   The cosmonauts will check the tightness of the exit hatch of the Poisk module system and replace the replaceable panel of the liquid flow regulator on the Zarya cargo block. They will also clear the Windows of the window No. 8 of the Zvezda service module and switch the Transit-B antennas from the Pirs module to the Search module.

   In addition, the Russian cosmonauts are faced with the task of changing the position of the sensors of the pressure and deposition monitoring unit installed on the Search and installing the tablet No. 2 of the Impact space experiment instead of its predecessor.

   In total, Russian cosmonauts will spend about five and a half hours outside the ISS.

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