The largest Olympiad in Russian as a foreign language has been completed, the results have been summed up.

In 2020 St. Petersburg State University, together with the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, held the largest competition in the field of Russian as a foreign language – the Second International Online Olympiad (link ): it brought together more than 9500 participants from many countries, who really love the Russian language. The Olympic games are not only a spectacular sports festival, the history of which goes back to Ancient Greece. Today it is also an intellectual competition – no less exciting event in which everyone can try to test their knowledge and erudition, and the strongest can win. Participants of the Online Olympiad of St. Petersburg State University worldwide were interested in completing tasks on the knowledge of the Russian language, first in the qualifying round, and then in the final. The pandemic and all the changes associated with it were left out of the picture, nothing could stop 9500 people from 147 countries from Argentina to Japan in an effort to test themselves and believe in themselves, to prove to everyone that they have already achieved certain significant results in learning Russian. All participants performed well, but the competition for prizes was truly serious: only 940 candidates from 80 countries became finalists of the event. The results of the Olympiad can already be found in your personal account on the website The best of the best not only receive deserved prizes and gifts, and the opportunity to pass the international exam in Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) for free, but also bonus points for admission to St. Petersburg State University.

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