Russian Library: A Resource Centre at the Heart of Kathmandu

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Russian Library while operating at Putali Sadak, Kathmandu

The Russian Library of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Kathmandu was established in 1979. Since then, it started its service as an integral part of the RCSC.

Russia is well known for its literature, culture, science & technology. The Library has good collection of books written by well known Russian writers like Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Nikolai Gogol, Ivan Bunin, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Mayakovsky etc. and Nepali writers like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Bhanubhakta Acharya, etc. The Library has gained popularity among readers in Nepal. The Russian Library has good collection of daily, weekly and monthly periodicals. They include newspapers and magazines in Russian, English and Nepalese languages in fields like culture, science, technology, health, entertainment, travel, tourism, and so on.

Any Nepali citizen with citizenship certificate or person of any country with passport can take library membership and borrow books from the library. This is a library for all, be they researchers, scientists, students, doctors, children, or people of any walk of life. Here in the library they can get learning materials on various fields of knowledge, including medicine, natural science, engineering, technology, space, social science, history, geography, literature, photography, children’s literature and other reading materials are available in Russian, English, Nepali, & Hindi.

The Library carries out different outreach activities. Throughout the year, national and international programs to strengthen people to people relationship between Russia and Nepal take place in the library. Collaboration, cooperation and exchange in the field of culture, literature, science, and education between Russia and Nepal is given a special emphasis. These activities are completed by the Library through seminars, talk programs, literary meetings, photo and book exhibitions, film festivals, etc. in collaboration with other libraries and like-minded institutions existing in Nepal on a regular basis.

Library Hours: 
Opening hours:

  • 10.00 AM - 17.30 PM            Monday through Thursday
  • 10.00AM - 16.00 PM             Friday
  • Last Wednesday of each month    Closed (Sanitary day)

Russian Library as an integral part of RCSC, has been serving Nepalese readers for more than thirty years. This library, containing more than seven thousand books, around 400 CD/DVDs and other periodicals and reference materials, has been a catalyst for improving understandings between the people of Nepal and Russia. 

Reference service is one of the important services rendered by the library. Providing periodicals as reference materials/tools is an integral part of any library of significance. Russian Library has also a good collection of daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly half-yearly and yearly periodicals including journals, newspapers and magazines in Russian, English and Nepalese languages. The collection includes periodicals on culture, science, technology, health, entertainment, travel and tourism, etc for reference service. Most periodicals in the Russian Library are acquired through paid subscription basis whereas some others are provided by outsources as complimentary copies. There are also complimentary periodicals supplied occasionally. Nearly all periodicals are published either in Russia or in Nepal. 

The journals and magazines cover various subjects like health, tour and travel, health, entertainment, research, education, diplomatic relations etc. Moreover, Russian Library includes scientific and technical magazine in Russian, English and Nepali language as well. The Library also consists resource materials focusing to children. Dictionaries of unilingual, bilingual as well as encyclopedias are also available in the Russian Library as reference resources/service. 

Besides its reference service with physical books and reference materials, Russian Library provides Internet based access to Russian Federation Law Database Access Service. Now the library is shifting its priority to provide electronic Resources and through that means to provide ever larger selection materials to its users. There are other services that are specifically pleasing to its readers. The library offers services for documentary shows, audio-visual service, seminar hall, and conference hall. These services are most after by many institutions for the ambience, aesthetics, pleasant environment and parking space that is available in the RCSC. In Kathmandu, RCSC facility is also appreciated for constant supply of drinking water, air-conditioning of its indoor space, photocopying facility, document scanning facility, pleasant pin-drop silence reading environment, comfortable furnishing, cleanliness, and ample space provided for user’s comfort. 

Russian Library is not only limited to its service to its members but also organizes various national and international programs like seminars, talk programs, literary meetings, photo exhibitions, book exhibitions, film festivals, etc in collaboration with other libraries, librarian and like-minded institutions existing in Nepal. 

Over the past years, the Russian Library has built friendly relationships by cooperating with other library institutions like  Library Association (the apex institution of library professionals of Nepal), Library and Information Society Nepal (LIS Nepal), Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA), Tribhuwan University Library Science Student's Alumni Association (TULSSA), Library Management and Information Service Centre (LIMISEC), Nepal Community Library Association (NCLA), and The Nepalese Association of School Librarians (NASL). Further Russian Library has conducted joint program successfully with well-known libraries like Nepal largest library - Tribhuwan University Central Library (TUCL), Nepal National Library (NNL), Kaiser Library, and Pokhara Public Library (PPL). It has also established the relationship with Nepal's academic institution like Library and Information science TU Central Department of Library of Information Science (TUCDLIS), Mitra Kunj, and Nepal-Russia Literary Society. The Library is also actively involved in celebrating Library Day of Nepal and playing a role in building friendly relationship among libraries and library professionals and so on. In pursuit of elevating Nepal-Russia cultural and scientific relationship further, Russian Library of RCSC has adopted a policy to organize joint program, with library and academic institutions.

Russian Library at RCSC
Tel.: 977-1- 4416650 (Ext. 110)
Send an e-mail to Russian Library at:
Librarian: Prabin Bhandari

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Reader's space in Russian Library at RCSC
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Russian compatriots reciting poems in a literary program at Russian Library at RCSC
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During 9th Library Day National Ceremony program
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Joint program with Nepal Library Association
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Deputy Director of RCSC, Anton Maslov delivering speech during the program to mark the Year of Literature